Lead Generation: Seeds (Customer Success)

3 courses



All of the great work you do to help others succeed and build relationships is “planting seeds”—whether they’re employees, partners, investors or customers. It’s all about getting what you want by helping them get what they want. Which means you can succeed and feel good at the same time—it’s a win-win.



“Seeds” is word-of-mouth lead generation.


“Seeds” are highly profitable. Word-of-mouth leads are the fastest to close and have the highest win rates. There’s nothing better than that! Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to proactivity grow these types of leads—so what’s a leader to do?


How to Predictably Grow “Seeds”

The best way to methodically grow your “Seeds” is with a dedication to Customer Success, which reduces customer churn, increases upsells, increases referrals and improves marketing content.

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