Customer Service Basics

7 courses



Individuals build the skills required to deliver excellent customer service and build customer loyalty.


This course bundle includes the following bite sized mobile ready courses:

  1. Building Customer Rapport
    Build your skills to perform essential customer rapport building actions
  2. Listening to Your Customers
    Learn how to effectively listen to your customers to meet their individual needs
  3. Developing Your Customer Focus
    Identify the actions you will take to strengthen customer loyalty
  4. Customer Service Over the Phone
    Implement the requirements to delivering great customer service over the phone
  5. Internal Customer Service
    Create a plan for how you will deliver great customer service
  6. Serving Customers in the Field
    Discover what is required to positively serve your customers in the field
  7. Customer Service Confrontation and Conflict
    Learn how to effectively manage difficult customer situations


Additional Courses

These courses are part of the Customer Service Learning Track. If you’d like to add to your development experience, consider selecting additional titles from this Learning Track:


  • Customer Service Basics
  • Customer Service Management


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