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When we don’t listen, we are typically distracted, thinking about something else, and not giving the person our full attention. This gives the impression that what the person has to say is not important and that we don’t value the person’s thoughts and opinions. This can lead to a strained relationship. When this happens between team members, it can lead to mistrust and reluctance to share critical information. As you can imagine, this is never good. This course will present an exercise you do with your team, focusing on the key communication skill of listening. By completing this course, you will help you team know how well they listen to their co-workers and peers. This course has been approved for 1 hour of PDU credit from PMI (Project Management Institute).


Evaluate your communication with co-workers and peers to see how well you listen

Team Listening
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What's missing for me here is coaching and information on HOW to BE a better listener. Specifically, what should I do differently (I have some suggestions). This is more about benchmarking and that's good but I don't see the conveying of new knowledge to be featured enough.

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