Clear and Concise Emails

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Sending and receiving emails have become an integrated part of how we work. It’s an essential tool few can live without; and yet with all the advantages email provides it has some drawbacks too. We all know that once we hit send our email is permanent. We can’t take it back. We can’t make corrections, can’t undo mistakes, and can’t change the impression we may have made. This is the downside of email, and while we know this to be true, in a busy world, it’s all too easy to hit send without giving our emails the time and thought they deserve. This course presents four communication principles you can apply to any email you compose, for any person you want to communicate with. While simple and straightforward, it will take a conscious effort to apply these principles and practice using them. By completing this course, you will know how to compose clear and concise emails for any audience.


Learn how to compose clear and concise emails for any audience

Clear and Concise Emails
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